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It does rain in London... one of the most exciting and vibrant cities on the planet. London taxis are here when you want them to keep you dry, informed of the best places to see, where to eat, what to do and where to lay down your weary head after an action-packed day - or - night on the town.

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Taxico: London Taxis and Private Hire

A single fare in a taxi on average costs £7.00. If you plan to travel around your local area a taxi ride has the advantage to be well balanced, regulated and metered according to regulations of the city or local government.

No visit to London is complete without a ride on the iconic London Black Taxi reputed from old to turn on a sixpence, as quick as that can change direction away from unexpected traffic snag vertiginously taking you on an alternative route to your destination. The mandatory London Knowledge test for London Cab Drivers will see to that faster than you can unhook your sat nav.

The London Taxi (Black Cab)

The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association and the official Transport for London combined regulate Licensed Taxi Driver in London famous taxis (black cabs) can either be booked in advance or hailed on the street or from designated taxi ranks. London Taxi Company’s famous Conditions of Fitness that decree the 25ft turning circle of a Hackney cab were laid down by the Public Carriage Office in 1906.

The first man in England who organized hackney coaches and coachmen in a form that we would recognize today was Captain John Baily, a veteran of Sir Walter Raleigh’s expeditions, who put four coaches to work by the Maypole in the Strand in 1634, and set up what was undoubtedly London’s first cab rank.The modern diesel engine London Taxi is built in Coventry, England and has plied route along London’s Street 24/7 ever since.

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The UK home of the London Taxi was established in August 1897 with London’s first motor cabs that were electrically powered were fondly called Berseys after Walter C. Bersey, the manager of the London Electrical Cab Company who designed them, but were nicknamed ‘Hummingbirds’ from the sound that they made. In August 1879 twenty five (25) taxis assembled to ply for hire. To travel through London Taxi History go no further than to wave down a taxi for a cordially conversation.

There are often long lines of taxis at designated Taxi ranks or terminuses, particularly queuing in wait at taxi rank feed seen at airports, railway and busy hotel. To wave down or whistle up a taxi in London anywhere you see one that looks free is part of service even if the taxi is not heading in your direction, he can make the "U" turn and pick you up. Everywhere is as liberal.

Taxis and Private Hire offices are located at every corner of the city with call handling service centres active to take your call 24/7. Throughout the city there are designated taxi ranks or terminus with taxis in wait for walk on trade particularly at airports’, railway stations and busy hotels. There is no shortage of taxis plying for hire on the streets of London. You can wave down a taxi in London as part of the fun to be a “star” for a day.